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Distinguished and Famous people from Southern Midlands

Southern Midlands is a region located in Tasmania, Australia. Over the years, it has been home to several distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Below is a list of some famous people associated with the Southern Midlands region:

1. Peter Dombrovskis (1945-1996)

Peter Dombrovskis was an influential Australian landscape photographer. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, he migrated to Australia in 1950 and settled in Southern Midlands. Dombrovskis gained international recognition for his stunning photographs of the Tasmanian wilderness, which played a crucial role in promoting conservation efforts. His work was instrumental in the establishment of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

2. Elizabeth Blackburn (b. 1948)

Elizabeth Blackburn is an Australian-American Nobel Laureate and molecular biologist. She was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and spent her childhood in the Southern Midlands region. Blackburn is best known for her discovery of telomerase, an enzyme that plays a significant role in cellular aging and cancer. In 2009, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this groundbreaking research.

3. Matthew Groom (b. 1975)

Matthew Groom is a prominent Tasmanian politician and former member of the Parliament of Tasmania. He was born in Hobart and grew up in the Southern Midlands region. Groom served as a Minister in the Tasmanian Government, holding several portfolios, including State Growth and Energy. Known for his advocacy for renewable energy and economic development, he played a crucial role in shaping Tasmania's energy future.

4. Sarah Goss (b. 1982)

Sarah Goss is a professional netball player who has represented Australia at the international level. She was born in the Southern Midlands region and began her netball career in Tasmania. Goss has played for several professional teams, including the Melbourne Vixens in the Australian Netball League and the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the Suncorp Super Netball competition.

5. David Walsh (b. 1961)

David Walsh is an Australian professional gambler, art collector, and entrepreneur. He was born in the Southern Midlands region and spent much of his life in Hobart. Walsh is the founder of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), a renowned art museum located in Hobart. His vision and contribution to the art world have made MONA a significant tourist attraction in Tasmania.

These are just a few examples of distinguished individuals associated with the Southern Midlands region of Tasmania. Their contributions to various fields have not only brought recognition to themselves but also put the region on the map.

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